Live at Synch 2010

Recorded at Synch Festival in Athens Greece

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    NYC United States

    New York’s sonic annihilators APTBS with a stunning live show. Enter at your own peril.

    _(artist-name)A Place To Bury Strangers_ like to pulverize music. With a force that resembles _(artist-name)My Bloody Valentine_ they atomize songs that still show soft hearts of pure pop pleasure. Moving to New York City on a whim from Virginia, Oliver Ackerman soon became the centre of much attention. His company for sound effects, aptly named Death By Audio, created a buzz with first offerings like the Soundwave Breakdown or Total Sonic Annihilation, while he dissolved his old band, Skywave. Over the years, Death By Audio flourished as a business, these days also running a performance space in Brooklyn. Parallel to that, Ackerman formed A Place To Bury Strangers as an outlet for his love of fuzzed out sounds. Their deafeningly loud shows and a slew of small releases got them plenty of attention and, after a while, a deal with British label Mute that released a collection of these early recordings as a first album. In times, when classic shoegazer tracks were more popular than ever, My Bloody Valentine actually started playing shows again and noise in general made a strong comeback as a musical force, A Place To Bury Strangers stood out as a band who not only had the most adventurous sounds, but also had a knack for great tunes.