Live at Good Life

Recorded at Good Life in Boston United States

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    Bristol United Kingdom

    A true innovator transcending genres and sounds, from UK bass and dubstep to Chicago juke and booty shaking beats.

    Cavernous is the first word that comes to mind when describing Tony Williams’ music. Rich, throbbing bass. Bleak vocals. Makes sense that he hails from Bristol, where the weather mimics the sound and bass is king. Signed to Tempa, as _(artist-name)Headhunter_ he released his debut album _(album-title)Nomad_ in 2008. Since then Tony Williams has done a handful of singles and remixes on labels like Transistor, Surefire Sound, and Wheel & Deal, and disguised as _(artist-name)Addison Groove_, the 2010 smasher _(song-title)Footcrab_ on Swamp81. When he cemented his Addison Groove character with his debut album _(album-title)Transistor_, it was clear that the lineage of sound system music had found another startlingly original voice. Throughout all his releases, Tony Williams walks the tightrope between sheer mechanical sound and soulfulness. Arguably one of the top producers on the scene at the moment, Tony has been busy trotting the globe during the past year transcending genres and crushing dancefloors. Moving beyond UK bass and dubstep and discovering Chicago’s juke sound has led Addison Groove to play fantastic booty shaking, head nodding sets.