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    Lyon France

    InFiné founder, producer and key figure on the European techno scene, Agoria keeps on knocking out extraordinary dance floor music.

    Influenced by jazz and Detroit techno alike _(artist-name)Agoria_ is as unique on the French music scene as likeminded mavericks _(artist-name)Pepe Bradock_, _(artist-name)Mr. Oizo_ or _(artist-name)Air_ are. Starting off his career with a hectic DJ schedule playing at many international clubs alongside renowned artists such as _(artist-name)Jeff Mills_, _(artist-name)Richie Hawtin_ or _(artist-name)Cristian Vogel_ to name but a few, Agoria has become an important figure on the European techno scene, while developing a special groove and approach. With one parent being an opera singer, Agoria had been in a musical environment all his life, when he fervently began to produce his own material in 1997. Not afraid of taking risks and chances, Agoria’s music is versatile, playful, and at the same time positively techno. His (then and now) fresh sound attracted a number of French independent labels and finally led to a relationship with PIAS offspin Different and a bunch of highly acclaimed remixes. These days Agoria co-runs the critically acclaimed label InFiné (_(artist-name)Francesco Tristano_, _(artist-name)Arandel_, _(artist-name)Clara Moto_, _(artist-name)Rone_ and many more) and keeps on knocking out extraordinary dancefloor music like _(song-title)Panta Rei_ that is as sophisticated as it is functional. A lateral thinker if there ever was one.