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    Pittsburgh United States

    Please meet Ahmad Jamal. This legendary jazz pianist and composer inspired many of his contemporaries, including the great Miles Davis.

    Renowned jazz pianist and composer _(artist-name)Ahmad Jamal_ is known for his instantly recognisable blend of cool melodies and hard swing. Moving from his hometown of Pittsburgh to Chicago in the 1950s, Ahmad Jamal first came to the attention of jazz lovers with his live album _(album-title)At The Pershing: But Not For Me_, containing what would become one of his trademark standards, _(song-title)Poinciana_. With his own unique compositions Ahmad Jamal has inspired and influenced many of his contemporaries, including the great _(artist-name)Miles Davis_ who proclaimed him a major influence. His innovative, minimalist and understated approach allows him to make the most of small-group settings by arranging them in orchestral terms, creating contrast and dramatic effect, and by allowing the rhythm section plenty of space to bust out: a fine example being _(song-title)Swahililand_ from his 1974 album _(album-title)Jamal Plays Jamal_, famously sampled by _(artist-name)Jay Dee_ for _(artist-name)De La Soul_’s classic _(song-title)Stakes Is High_. With his masterful manipulation of space and silence, tension and release, Ahmad Jamal continues to influence and create his own brand of American classical music at the highest level to this very day.