Live at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge

Recorded at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge in Paris France

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    Paris France

    DJ Gilb’r and Poni Hoax’ Nicolas Ker live on stage with their Aladdin outfit at Versatile’s 15th anniversary party in Paris!

    _(artist-name)Aladdin_ are a band formed by singer Nicolas Ker (_(artist-name)Paris_, _(artist-name)Poni Hoax_) and Gilbert Cohen aka _(artist-name)DJ Gilb’r_, head of Versatile Records and member of _(artist-name)Château Flight_ (with _(artist-name)I:Cube_). Their songs have a reptilian quality and Ker’s voice cuts through and across - unless it is the other way round and it’s the scratching guitars, Detroit synths, Dadaist piano, sinuous violin and the intense rhythm all clearing a path through the bush that sustains Ker’s high-pitched and exposed voice. His singing style has continued to evolve channeling _(artist-name)Jeffrey Lee Pierce_ / _(artist-name)Ian Curtis_ even more than usual, and Gilbert’s production has absolutely nothing of the formulaic catchall “rock dressed up as electro album” that tries to reference everyone from a to z. The two directions (rock and electronic music) are organically linked by the pair’s shared desire to flee and risk going beyond set formulas, leaving behind their respective sanctuaries allowing themselves to go where the path and the adventure become one. Nothing is prescribed and Aladdin steadily creeps along.