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    Animal Collective’s Deakin and Panda Bear share their thoughts on how a certain experimental spirit and a knack for improvisation have remained at the heart of the group throughout their many shifts in musical direction. This is an intimate glimpse into the inner workings of a group that has released a singularly influential string of albums since Spirit They‘re Gone, Spirit They‘ve Vanished dropped in 2000. Uneasy about the term psychedelic, Deakin describes their aim as creating music “sonically similar to the way that dreams feel” and this chat goes the long way to show the thoughts and intricacies it takes to get there.


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    Turning the everyday static of noise and music into a thing of beauty. Get the first-hand forest gospel with Animal Collective!

    Started as a group of high school friends making music in Baltimore, _(artist-name)Animal Collective_ has turned into one of the pivotal bands of this day and age. Looking through their back catalogue it seems that they first had to move through the colourful kaleidoscope of psychedelic music to refine their very own vision of mind-bending songs and sounds. Through psych folk, noise rock, ambient pop and glacial drone sounds, their early works contain the roots of many a tangent _(artist-name)Avey Tare_, _(artist-name)Panda Bear_, _(artist-name)Deakin_ and _(artist-name)Geologist_ would later take off on, both as a group, in their solo work, and with their Paw Tracks label that was a first home for artists like _(artist-name)Ariel Pink_. They also show a group of friends transcending the notions of how a band works (and what instruments should be involved). And then, somewhere between 2004’s _(album-title)Sung Tongs_ and and 2007’s _(album-title)Strawberry Jam_ all of these pieces fell together to emerge as a form of pop music that appears like a present day version of past transmissions like _(album-title)Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band_ or _(album-title)Pet Sounds_: Bent minds extracting sheer beauty out of the technology available, turning the everyday static of noise and music into a thing of beauty. And just two years later, all of this culminated in _(album-title)Merriweather Post Pavillion_, taking what was still a bunch of friends from high school to headlining festival slots, intricate stage design - and even more psychedelic bliss.