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    NYC United States

    The fastest rising star in East Coast hip hop. We follow Harlem’s style icon on his surreal road to ‘Long.Live.A$AP’. Pretty boy swag!

    It’s one of the more obscure side notes of today’s musical landscape, that some of the best, style-defining albums are declared street- or mixtapes and never see a physical release. In 2011, this tendency reached its qualitative peak with seminal free-of-charge releases by _(artist-name)The Weeknd_, _(artist-name)Frank Ocean_, _(artist-name)Kendrick Lamar_, and, of course, _(artist-name)ASAP Rocky_, all of which pointed r&b and hip hop into directions everyone seemed to have been desperately waiting for. Despite sometimes questionable audio quality, the mixture of ASAP Rocky’s torn personality, ranging from über-flamboyant pretty boy tales to achingly detailed insights, with haunted, drug-fueled productions by the likes of _(artist-name)Clams Casino_ or _(artist-name)SpaceGhostPurrp_, created an atmosphere rarely heard on any hip hop album before. Hot on the heels of _(album-title)LiveLoveA$AP_, Rakim Mayers, who aptly got named after the God MC himself, embarked on an extensive tour with _(artist-name)Drake_ and Kendrick Lamar, graced fanzines, lifestyle mags and late night shows worldwide, and collaborated with everyone from _(artist-name)Lana Del Ray_ to _(artist-name)2 Chainz_, and _(artist-name)A-Trak_ to _(artist-name)Hit Boy_ and _(artist-name)Pharell_. But Pretty Flacko kept his cool, even after signing an intimidatingly remunerated contract for his anticipated major debut _(album-title)Long.Live.A$AP_. And while a large part of the scene seemed anxious to see him fall short off all self-imposed expectations, he hit them with _(song-title)Goldie_. And _(song-title)Fuckin’ Problems_. And _(song-title)1Train_. Basically every single sureshot he’s been wisely holding back for his first proper studio full-length. That pretty boy swag continues.