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    LuckyMe’s latest addition to their roster, the man like Baauer, easily stands out from the bunch of up and coming US bass wizards. In this Headphone Highlights show he connects the dots from his origins as a hardcore Wu-Tang and Madlib fanboy, to his fascination for the sticky raps from the dirty dirty and UK bred bass stylings. And just in case you’re wondering how a, say, semi-acclaimed, long-time defunct German rap outfit ended up finishing his otherwise water-proof selection: We were just as surprised as you are. Tune in and get the full picture.


    NYC United States

    NYC’s party starter Baauer with a personal selection of high-octane dance jams, bass-heavy beats, and hardcore rap. Do the Harlem Shake!

    Born and raised in Connecticut, young _(artist-name)Baauer_ fell in love with the grimey severity of almost nearby Staten Island. Like for many of his white middle class contemporaries _(album-title)Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)_ was more than just a hardcore posse rap LP with kung-fu samples, but a wake-up call to please go ahead and do something a bit more exciting with your life. Before he got to turn east coast bass music upside down with his trademark mix of different sub-bass stylings that nod to Hackney, Atlanta, Glasgow, and New Orleans, Baauer was known as a house and electro DJ by the name of Cap’n Harry. A moniker and stylistic alignment he soon traded for the take-no-prisoners approach of heavy-hitting signatunes like _(song-title)Dum Dum_ or, of course, the phenomenon that is _(song-title)Harlem Shake_. While many seem keen to put him in the trap category, Baauer has a more reasonable explanation for the kind of highly effective bangers he has been releasing on quality imprints like LuckyMe or Mad Decent’s Jeffrees: "It’s hip hop born from the internet". In an attempt to free himself of the expectations that inevitably come with having a global hit single, Baauer has taken a different approach for his eagerly awaited full-length debut: he and his production partner _(artist-name)Nick Hook_ went on a trip around the world, searching for unique sounds which the world wide web still can't offer. Highlights of their musical journey were captured in the documentary _(album-title)Searching For Sound_.