Live at Southpaw

Recorded at Southpaw in Brooklyn United States

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    NYC United States

    From co-writing lyrics for Biz Markie to one of hip hop’s most memorable posse cuts, his legacy is absolute. BDK live at RBMA World Tour.

    _(artist-name)Big Daddy Kane_ proved his position as maybe THE essential Brooklyn MC. From co-writing lyrics for _(artist-name)Biz Markie_ to hip hop’s most memorable posse cut of all time, _(song-title)The Symphony_, his legacy is indisputable. A suave ladies’ man and fierce lyricist alike, he influenced everybody from _(artist-name)Notorious B.I.G._ to _(artist-name)Jay-Z_, and paved the way for the r&b/rap crossover that’s now standard on dance floors and radio stations around the globe.