Live at Southpaw

Recorded at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NYC United States

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    NYC United States

    18 years after their classic full-length debut, Black Moon still bring the extra-raw BK sound to the stage at RBMA’s World Tour stop in NYC.

    During the 2011 World Tour, RBMA paid tribute to hip hop, arguably the most influential youth culture of our time – right where it all began. Over the course of five days, five classic albums from five boroughs were revisited via workshops and public talks in each respective borough. At night, the artists re-created their seminal work for a special concert, bridging the gap from old to new school. This set comes straight from _(artist-name)Black Moon_. “Put up, what up, bo bo bo” – what started as possibly THE definitive introductory rap verse turned out to become the starting point of one of the most consistent careers in hip hop history.