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    Paris France

    Ed Banger head honcho Pedro Winter with an entertaining ride through the tracks that keep him going. Time to get busy!

    _(artist-name)Pedro Winter_ is a modern day _(artist-name)Malcom McLaren_. Impresario and musicican alike, this Parisian used to manage what is arguably the most influential dance music act since the 90s, _(artist-name)Daft Punk_, before he started his own label Ed Banger Records in 2003. Since then, he’s shown the world that it’s still possible to successfully deal with music, pushing the careers of _(artist-name)Justice_, _(artist-name)Uffie_, and _(artist-name)Mr. Oizo_ to iconic highs, while anticipating and shaping a colourful trend called nu-rave with the label’s instantly recognizable artwork. A mix of all things hip hop, pop, electro, disco and rock, Ed Banger set the Vice magazine to music, putting back relentless fun and a barrel of laughs into the global club music scene. At the same time, Pedro has kept his creativity as a DJ, producer and remixer: he’s re-edited _(artist-name)Kraftwerk_ classics, collaborated with West Coast indie rapper _(artist-name)Murs_, and played every relevant rave in the Western hemisphere and beyond.