Live at Royal Festival Hall

Recorded at Royal Festival Hall in London United Kingdom

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    Detroit / Barcelona / Berlin

    An electronic music super group? Von Oswald’s rhythm and Craig’s sound complemented by Tristano’s piano at London’s Royal Festival Hall.

    Occasionally, there is a second time around! This is your chance to either revisit or finally experience this rare get together of an electronic music super group. Heavyweight techno pioneers Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald played with the great white piano hope Francesco Tristano at London's Royal Festival Hall. David Brutti, wielding a sizeable bass saxophone, quickly joined them as a welcome surprise at this special event curated by RBMA and Resident Advisor. Brutti fitted perfectly into the expert mix of swirling electronics offered up by Craig - manipulated throughout by the dapper von Oswald - and the piano accompaniment of Tristano. The group only played for about 45 minutes, but the standing ovation at the end indicated that they could have played for much, much longer. Hear the needle drop.