Live at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge

Recorded at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge in Paris France

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    Oslo Norway

    Cats on the internet: The Norwegian turntable prodigy turned progressive beat head takes his catchy cyber jams to Paris.

    In this day and age, when the borderlines between underground and pop culture prove more porous - and hence obsolete - than ever, it’s good to have a new bunch of laptop producers treating mainstream pop as actual, not-to-be-ironised sources of inspiration. In the special case of Norwegian DJ/beathead _(artist-name)Cashmere Cat_, the transformation from dusty-fingered DJ Final to anything-goes producer Cashmere Cat turned out especially rewarding. A DMC finalist back in 2008, Magnus August Høiberg traded faders, flares and juggling for a laptop and the well-hung beat aesthetic established between Houston, LA, Brooklyn and Toronto. His playful, melody-driven arrangements and unsolicited remix works quickly struck a chord with the new breed of bass heads, securing him worldwide stage time and game-changing support by the likes of _(artist-name)Hudson Mohawke_ and _(artist-name)Diplo_. His first EP _(album-title)Mirror Maru_ saw the light of day in 2012 on Pelican Fly.