Soul Extravaganza 2013

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    Longtime RBMA content team soldier Chairman Jeff(erson) Mao shakes the dust off the “record” button at his Harlem NYC rest and presents a new episode of his long lost Across 135th Street programme. This edition is composed entirely of soul/funk/northern/mod/modern/disco recordings from the 60s/70s/80s pressed on those little records with the big holes in the middle (which are way too trendy now, but hey, it is what it is). A few random observations on the material: the use of parenthesis on the title of the Johnnie Mae Matthews track may or may not be absolutely necessary; the Ray J. featured herein is not that Ray J.; in a perfect world Foxy Girls In Oakland would’ve been one of the most influential records on a young Todd Too $hort Shaw’s childhood; Barbara of Rosco & Barbara almost ruins Could This Be Love at the end – almost; The Who ripped off the DynamicsMisery for Zoot Suit; the Pat Lewis track affirms that George Clinton was already great at making records before drugs; Vince Montana is a god; Le. Cop. is French for “Le Cop”; it doesn’t have to be Kwanzaa to celebrate Ujima; if Sylvester made northern soul records they’d sound like the Bits’n Pieces piece; Bobby Womack is in our thoughts; Terry Callier, RIP…. Listeners of the universe, may the soul be with you.


    NYC United States

    Egotrippin’, y’all! NYC’s Chairman Mao knows all the beats, breaks and basics. Listeners of the universe, may the soul be with you.

    In the same way that Chairman Mao had the power of an army at his fingertips, so too does _(artist-name)Chairman Jeff Mao_, harnessing the ability to make hoards of funkateers stomp ’til their feet ache with the timing of a well-chosen 12". The pen proves mightier than the sword, too, with Jeff penning regular columns for XXL and other publications, as well as co-authoring two books and the TV series _(album-title)The (White) Rapper Show_ with his creative collective Ego Trip. Dropping parties for tastemakers, spangled clowns and music lovers alike, Jeff has been at the epicentre of the underground hip hop scene across America for years, as well as opening people’s ears to the joy of the cover with his selection of rare versions of classic songs on his _(album-title)Run For Cover_ mix. We’re not sure it’s possible to prepare yourselves for the expedition deep into the uncharted crates, but do expect surprises from almost every style of music going.