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    London United Kingdom

    From classic Ian Dury & The Blockheads gems to more recent post-disco solo works, here’s the Chaz man with some London street soul.

    Having joined the last incarnation of a pub band called _(artist-name)Kilburn And The High Roads_, _(artist-name)Chaz Jankel_ became a founding member of _(artist-name)The Blockheads_ when he started writing songs with the lead singer _(artist-name)Ian Dury_. Chaz co-wrote all the hits - both underground and top 10 - and also lent his hand in the production of many of the classic Blockheads recordings. He went on to release five solo albums throughout the 80s whilst also penning songs for artists like _(artist-name)Quincy Jones_. The spare post-disco sound of Chaz’s solo work from this period has found renewed interest in recent years culminating in a compilation of his music being released on Tirk.