Sónar Sessions 2012

Recorded at Sónar in Barcelona Spain

  • balearic
  • disco
  • house
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    Barcelona Spain

    Creating sonic portraits like keepsakes from blissful weekends at the ocean. Barcelona's own Clip! in the mix, live at Sónar 2012.

    While there is no doubting the appeal of the bedroom studio, there is something about the physicality of a big mixing console, the carefully engineered knobs and faders of an ancient tape reverb, the blinking lights of racks filled with machinery that flood the mind with imagination. A graduate of the SAE sound engineering school, Barcelona-based Eduard Tarradas is equally habituated to both worlds: the digital and the analogue, moving virtual faders and spotting the Beatles traces in a Justice track. As a producer under the _(artist-name)Clip!_ guise, he captures those moments when the ocean forms perfect sine waves: creating sonic portraits like keepsakes from blissful weekends.