Live at HARD Miami 2013

Recorded at Raleigh Hotel in Miami United States

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    Los Angeles / NYC United States

    Swiss-like precision: Cali kid turned east coast bass and techno bruiser Clockwork touches down at the HARD Miami Beach Party.

    A cartoon schoolboy with that catholic, button-up swag bites his gold-chain. Next. An iced-out wristwatch, the date is set to infinity, some first-grader smiling eerily in the background. There’s something intriguing about the peculiar, Pen & Pixel-zaniness resembling sleeves-aesthetic young Henry Steinway chose to introduce himself to the world with. As the youngest producer to ever sign with Dim Mak, _(artist-name)Clockwork_ has been making waves on the field of in-your-face dancefloor anthems for quite a while now. His debut for the label, _(song-title)Squad Up_, was as much an entertaining big room pleaser as was _(song-title)Titan_, his second 12" on Mad Decent. And yes, Henry’s tunes have them aplenty, these clap along 4x4 moments with climax after climax and air sirens galore. But reducing his creative ability to _(song-title)BBBS_ (that big bad bassline sound that gave the _(song-title)Titan_ b-side its name) wouldn’t do him justice. Although originally a Cali native, Henry is currently residing in NYC’s East Village. Not that he’d spent too much time in his place, as he’s been busy hopping around time zones and area codes as Clockwork, and under his equally popular trap-not-trap moniker _(artist-name)RL Grime_.