Kill The DJ Part 1

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    Club culture is not only about hedonism and losing control. From the early days of French Touch the Parisian collective Kill The DJ (Fanny Corral, Stéphanie Fichard, and Ivan Smagghe) has proven that club culture has also something to do with political activism and gender. Kill The DJ has simply created Paris’ best parties since Le Palace at famous lesbian club Le Pulp, bringing deviance back to club culture. The music label Kill The DJ is the home of Battant, Georges Issakidis and Chloé. In this show you can expect one hour of noisy, dirty talking – as underground music should be. Welcome to the dark side of the French Touch.


    Paris France

    Crème Brûlée dives headfirst into the treasure chest of French electronic music with a feature on Kill The DJ. Bon appetit!

    Even when they’re not dominating the world with their definitive take on house music, or the mixture of electronic and rock hybrids that only they can do, the French underground buzzes with experimentation and zeitgeist-testing possibility. Crème Brûlée looks at some of the maverick characters from French counter-culture, from the 60s through to the present day.