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    Los Angeles United States

    Ninja Tune’s favourite dandy with some insights and outlooks on music, technology, Victoriana and of course, his music!

    Alfred Darlington isn’t your average cookie-cutter musician. From how he looks (early Victorian dandyism), to how he makes music, to how he expresses himself and views the world, his is a very individual, ‘bespoke’ outlook. Alfred was born in Santa Monica in 1977 to an artist mother and psychologist father. Musical from very early on, as a child he was classically and jazz-trained in a number of instruments, but his interests were a lot broader. Less a prodigy than a renaissance boy whose obsessions ranged from Greek mythology to the mountains of Wales, until he was a teenager he was convinced he’d grow up to be an inventor. As a 15-year-old though, he finally persuaded his parents to take him to Wales and whilst at a YMCA in London, he flipped the radio dial, found a pirate radio station and taped some UK rave and hardcore. Ever since then, _(artist-name)Daedelus_ has been re-inventing the possibilities of ‘electronic’ music and instrumental hip hop with albums on Mush, Plug Research, Laboratory Instinct or Ninja Tune, and mentored and endorsed fellow visioneers such as _(artist-name)Busdriver_ and _(artist-name)Flying Lotus’_ Brainfeeder clique. On top of that, Daedelus has established a unique way to handle the decks & laptop performance dilemma by cutting up his tunes into countless pieces to work with, allowing him to bring fully improvised, interactive sets to the stage.