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    NYC United States

    A clean mind with a dirty name and the bridge between Black Flag and Don Henley: Dirty Projectors reveal pop influences and obscure faves.

    Brooklyn-based David Lonsgstreth has been putting out records under the moniker _(artist-name)Dirty Projectors_ since 2003. Mutating its lineup throughout, the Dirty Projectors allows Longstreth to experiment with a broad palette of experimental sounds and has seen him musically reappraise the work of _(artist-name)Black Flag_ and _(artist-name)Don Henley_ – the latter taking the form of a rock opera no less. In the words of _(artist-name)Tyondai Braxton_, David “forged his own path with authority and an inexhaustible urgency”, and Longstreth’s collaboration with _(artist-name)David Byrne_, _(album-title)Knotty Pine_, piqued the interest of a whole new audience.