Train Wreck Mix

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    Huddersfield United Kingdom

    British bassline hero DJ Q with an immaculate blend of more recent steppers and old school classics. Garage, grime and beyond.

    Riding a bassline wave up and down the length of the UK, _(artist-name)DJ Q_ has been on a mission to re-inject dancefloors with the kind of energy we’ve not seen since Horsepower, El B, and So Solid. Having championed the next generation of two-steppers on his UKG M1X show on 1Xtra, DJ Q proved his ear for a selection was as crisp as a pack of Walkers. Releases like his _(album-title)Dirty Dubz_ volumes, the chart-denting bassline anthem _(song-title)You Wot?_ with MC Bonez (complete with bonkers half-time triplet switch up), or his _(song-title)Woo Riddim_ remix proved DJ Q was not just a DJ and radio presenter, but also a bonafide bringer of original vibes to the dance. Since then, Q has been twisting heads and feet with productions and remixes, and making sure the subs are always bubbling.