Live at six d.o.g.s.

Recorded at six d.o.g.s. in Athens Greece

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    Berlin Germany

    A globetrotting DJ and veritable force on the techno circuit, Ellen Allien with a live mix recorded at six d.o.g.s in Athens.

    The world is _(artist-name)Ellen Allien_’s canvas, and what a colourful picture she paints. Thriving on imagination and inspiration, the Berliner is continually shifting shapes and blossoming under an impressive variety of creative lights. Whether she’s producing music that challenges the electronic world, or adhering to her globe-encompassing DJing schedule, or managing the phenomenal BPitch Control, or designing for her unique fashion label - Ellen Allien, a veritable force to be reckoned with, is artistically infinite. She began carving a path for herself after the Berlin wall came down and her beloved city opened wide to new possibilities, including the innovative beat that got the east and west dancing together: techno. She was instantly hooked and fell deep into a wild love affair with electronic music. Ellen wears her love of Berlin on her sleeve - album sleeves included. Her first artist album _(album-title)Stadtkind_ was a tender journey into the realms of self-exploration, and her second, _(album-title)Berlinette_, gracefully experimented with digital recording, vocals and instrumentation. _(album-title)Thrills_, arguably one of her most distinctive and influential albums to date, was followed by her wondrous collaboration with Shitkatapult’s _(artist-name)Apparat_ (aka Sascha Ring), _(album-title)Orchestra Of Bubbles_. When not busy in the studio creating remixes for the likes of _(artist-name)Thom Yorke_, _(artist-name)Beck_, _(artist-name)Kate Wax_ and _(artist-name)Troy Pierce_, Ellen is excitedly sourcing new sounds for her ever-thriving BPitch imprint or for the many dancefloors around the world that crave her diverse sonic ingenuity.