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    Kitwe Zambia

    The former front man of Zambian psych-rock powerhouse WITCH with a history lesson on the vibrant Zamrock scene.

    By the mid 1970s, the republic of Zambia had fallen on hard times. Although Kenneth Kaunda became the first elected president after the yoke of British colonialism, the new found independence had Zambia struggling with severe economic and inner-political issues. And with its neighbouring countries being engaged in wars for their own independence as well, the landlocked nation was left to its own devices. With the emergence of Zamrock, these tumultuous times brought forth one of the most overlooked, yet exciting musical strains of the 70s. Encompassing the music of artists like _(artist-name)Rikki Ililonga_, _(artist-name)WITCH_, _(artist-name)Paul Ngozi & The Ngozi Family_, _(artist-name)Amanaz_, _(artist-name)The Peace_ and many more, Zamrock brought together traditional tribal patterns like Kalindula, with vivid social commentary alongside elements from heavy rock, blues and psychedelic. The rare recordings of that time not only provide outstandingly good music but also serve as proper time capsules, proving that art can more than make up for the mistakes of poor historicism and post-colonial ignorance. In 2010, Now-Again started re-releasing some almost forgotten gems by the likes of Amanaz, Rikki Ililonga and WITCH, making sure this vibrant part of music history receives the exposure it deserves.