Vol 137

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    As every week, Feedback! starts with some great new music, including Barcelonan Balago’s synth-ambient sounds, an amazing new Ghostface Killah track produced by Adrian Younge, and finest garage techno by Argentina-born, Spain-based Volatil. We’re joined in the studio by Malaga’s BSN Posse to talk about dubstep, garage, and bass music, before “La Perla” finishes the show with a classic by American hardcore punk band Minutemen.


    Barcelona Spain

    Straight from the musical hotbeds of Spain. Feedback! seeks to highlight interesting music, no more no less. Featuring Malaga’s BSN Posse.

    During the 2008 edition of the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, RBMA Radio and Scanner FM joined forces for live broadcasts straight from the Academy, a most natural collaboration of music lovers and believers in great radio. Not willing to end things there, the cooperation continued with a weekly local spotlight show, presented by Academy cohorts Carles Novellas and Gabriel Tíneo. With an ingredient list longer than the best secret Paella recipes, Feedback! gives you the lowdown on what’s cooking in Spain’s sound kitchens. What’s in the pan? Everything soul, hip hop, funk, jazz, (post)-modern electro, dub, bass music, electronic pop, new weird america, avant-folk with synthesizers, house, beats galore ... presented with plenty of interviews and sessions thrown in for good measure.