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    Iconic producer/DJ/engineer François Kevorkian guides us through his impressive career. From NYC disco history to Kraftwerk and beyond.

    You just don’t know where to start with François Kevorkian. If there ever was a DJ/producer/engineer that deserved a monograph, it is probably him and his multi-faceted career. Born and raised in France and often referred to as _(artist-name)François K_, the will to follow his vocation as a drummer brought him to New York City in 1975. From playing in r&b cover bands he soon was hired to drum along with the DJs’ records. _(artist-name)Walter Gibbons_, _(artist-name)Galaxy 21_, _(artist-name)Flamingo_, John 'Jellybean' Benitez, and New York New York are just a few of the names that took him off the ground. Studio editing and mixing was the next step, and after a series of influential disco edits and medleys, K landed an A&R job at Prelude, a small indie disco label that quickly became one of the biggest. During his time at Prelude, Kevorkian remixed the majority of Prelude’s club classics like _(artist-name)Musique_, _(artist-name)D-Train_ or The Strikers, and helped defining the dance music aesthetic with signings like _(artist-name)Powerline_ or _(song-title)Disco Circus_ by _(artist-name)Martin Circus_. As a DJ he continued to work at seminal clubs like Studio 54, The Loft, Zanzibar and the Paradise Garage, while collaborating with its resident DJ _(artist-name)Larry Levan_. By the mid-eighties, François K had become an in-demand top remixer and producer on both sides of the Atlantic. With his own company Axis Productions, François K touched many new wave acts such as _(artist-name)Yazoo_ and Wide Boy Awake, as well as _(artist-name)U2_, _(artist-name)Thomas Dolby_, _(artist-name)The Cure_, _(artist-name)Eurythmics_, Ashford and Simpson, _(artist-name)Mick Jagger_, _(artist-name)Diana Ross_ or _(artist-name)Arthur Russell_’s Dinosaur L, and mixed albums and singles for _(artist-name)Kraftwerk_, _(artist-name)Depeche Mode_ or _(artist-name)Erasure_. Fast-forward to 1996 and the legendary Sunday afternoon party that is Body & Soul. True to the spirit of NYC spots like the Paradise Garage, Kevorkian gathered _(artist-name)Joe Claussell_ and _(artist-name)Danny Krivit_ around him to give their musical visions a home. Much like his NYC weekly club resideny Deep Space that focuses on dub music in its various forms on every Monday night, Kevorkian doesn’t seem to get tired of purchasing new and exciting music, while running his independent record label Wave, remixing artists and playing clubs around the world. Passions never grow old.