Live at Forum Theatre

Recorded at Forum Theatre in Melbourne Australia

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    Detroit United States

    The quintessential Detroit techno soul outfit: Mike Banks’ legendary Galaxy 2 Galaxy during the RBMA World Tour 2011. Hi-Tech Jazz forever!

    _(artist-name)Galaxy 2 Galaxy_ was originally the name of UR’s _(artist-name)Mike Banks_’ _(album-title)1993_ EP, which featured life-altering tracks like _(song-title)Hi-Tech Jazz_ and _(song-title)Journey Of The Dragons_. Unlike some of the previous output on UR (_(song-title)Living For The Night_ being an exception), Galaxy 2 Galaxy featured romantic visions of Detroit (and beyond) techno soul. Especially _(song-title)Hi-Tech Jazz_ remains among the greatest techno pieces of all times, embracing soul, funk and – dare we say it – jazz as obvious influences. This one will be played forever. Since then, this signature only appeared on one record with a remix for the _(artist-name)Raiders Of The Lost Arp_, though various members of _(artist-name)Underground Resistance_ have adopted the moniker from 2005 onwards for a live group. Performing their fusion of technofied funk and syncopated jazz changes, a fluctuating ensemble of twelve musicians make up the Galaxy 2 Galaxy crew, and their appearances at festivals and concert halls round the world continue to spread the message of interplanetary defiance and unity. If you ever wanted to know what the terms future jazz or Detroit techno soul ever meant, Galaxy 2 Galaxy and Mike Banks will show you.