Tribute To Andy Sojka & Atmosfear

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    Andrzej (Andy) Sojka was a genius. The head behind projects like Atmosfear or Powerline is one of the most prolific and singular producers ever to emerge out of the United Kingdom. Based in London, he was one of the people responsible for the British boogie phenomenon, discovered and produced Level 42, ran Elite Records, sold over 100,000 copies of Atmosfear’s Dancing In Outer Space and was sooner than later a mystical figure on New York City’s wooden dance floors, where people like Larry Levan and François Kevorkian worshipped his work. Get a glimpse of a few of the finest moments of this special ‘Tribute To…’ compilation. Andy Sojka died far to soon of multiple myeloma aged 48 in February 2002. May he dance in outer space forever.


    Frankfurt Germany

    A special show about UK boogie and jazz funk genius Andy Sojka of Atmosfear. You don’t need no dope, all you need is hope.

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