Live at Yasta

Recorded at Yasta in Madrid Spain

  • bass
  • house
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    San Francisco United States

    San Francisco’s Ghosts On Tape unleashes his hi-tech house and rumpshaking deep rave riddims live at Yasta during the Academy 2011.

    Over two decades of close and careful listening have crafted that special _(artist-name)Ghosts On Tape_ aesthetic, with countless hours of deft sampling and break manipulation. While the many strains of house music might make up the bulk of that listening, the phantom rhythms of Afro-Cuban and Caribbean drums, the smack of Miami bass, and _(artist-name)King Tubby_’s delay boxes have all joined the party in one form or another. Chances are if someone danced to it, the imprint will have been caught on one of Ryan Merry’s old Yamaha samplers, ready to be unleashed in the dance. His self-described “deep rave music for tripped-out weirdos” has been released to the masses on forward-thinking labels like Wireblock, Innovative Leisure and Opit, as well as via his own Icee Hot parties, a true SF scene staple. Caution, the ghosts of dance floors past can still spook you!