Live at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge

Recorded at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge in Paris France

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  • disco
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    Paris France

    Versatile head honcho Gilb’r knows a thing or two about how to please a crowd. Live at his label’s 15th anniversary jam in Paris.

    Gilbert Cohen is better known as _(artist-name)DJ Gilb’r_. While growing up in the South of France in Nice, he realised that music would become the driving force in his life. The offer to play twice weekly in a Parisian club in the early 90s encouraged his jones and made a move to the capital possible. Being heavily affected by the likes of mid-school hip hop stalwarts _(artist-name)Public Enemy_, _(artist-name)De La Soul_ and the _(artist-name)Jungle Brothers_, Gilb’r discovered that his heart lay with hip hop. Landing a job as programmer for the groundbreaking station Radio Nova, Gilb’r learnt that there is more to music than just one genre. Although he still keeps track of his first love, he has acquired expertise in different styles from house to drum‘n’bass and all other forms of electronic music. After spending some years with Radio Nova, Gilb’r decided to move on and launch his commercially successful and critically acclaimed label, Versatile Records. Besides putting out releases by artists like _(artist-name)I:Cube_ or _(artist-name)Joakim_, Gilb’r also records with I:Cube under the name of _(artist-name)Château Flight_, carrying on his journey to discover beautiful music without boundaries.