Vol 214

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    Lisbon Portugal

    Ginga Beat combines the hottest sounds from the past, present and future, plus interviews, lecture bits and news. Straight outta Lisbon.

    _(artist-name)Ginga Beat_ is a show that combines mixtape tradition, obsessive digging spirit and the use of sound as a raw material for art. From an ever-fresh selection of global club tunes and trends courtesy of record label honcho and music blogger Rui Miguel Abreu to a comprehensive update of what’s new in the Portuguese scene, Ginga Beat is all about discovering and sharing music with the open-mindedness it deserves. Every one-hour show under the “Inside Out” banner, is split up into three parts, with _(artist-name)Rui Miguel Abreu_ taking care of the International Affairs Office, _(artist-name)MC Maze_ and _(artist-name)Quim Albergaria_ from the band PAUS work together to bring you the undiscovered fresh sounds that are emerging across Portugal, while _(artist-name)Ivvvo_ and Academy grad _(artist-name)Violet_ showcase all the international Afro-Brazil-Lusophone connections. Cuts come courtesy of talented turntablist _(artist-name)DJ Ride_, while local techno jock Gustavo Rodrigues is in charge of all things recording and editing. Straight outta Lisbon!