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    Brooklyn, NYC United States

    Psych-folk fuzz and Beach Boys harmonies - Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen and Chris Taylor break down their exciting story so far.

    Here’s what happens when _(artist-name)Paul Simon_, _(artist-name)Radiohead_ and _(artist-name)Jay-Z_ agree on their favourite indie pop outfit: All over the noughties the Brooklyn four-piece _(artist-name)Grizzly Bear_ have taken responsibility for some of American indie music’s most acclaimed psych-folk anthems, rejuvenating barbershop harmonies, and a piano intro to compete with Boomtown Rats or, say, _(song-title)Still D.R.E._. Starting out as a moniker for Ed Droste’s solo endeavours, Grizzly Bear first played shows as a three-piece when Chris Bear and Chris Taylor came on board. The quartet got completed by Chris Bear’s jazz camp buddy Daniel Rossen shortly before the release of their debut album _(album-title)Horn Of Plenty_ in 2005. Trading the lo-fi and anti-folk aesthetics of their beginnings for a more electrified version of indie pop experimentalism confounded with _(artist-name)Beach Boys_ harmonies, their follow-up _(album-title)Yellow House_ and _(album-title)Veckatimest_ grew into everybody’s favourite albums in their respective years, conciliating your common indie kid with electronica and soul heads - and their dads. Consisting of a highly prolific bunch of creative minds, the group’s members not only stick to the ‘one album every two years’ cycle with their fourth LP _(album-title)Shields_ released in autumn 2012, but also engage in noteworthy individual side projects and solo efforts, such as Rossen’s _(artist-name)Department Of Eagles_ or Droste’s team-ups with _(artist-name)Owen Pallett_ and _(artist-name)Fleet Foxes_’ Robin Pecknold.