Live at FM4 Fest 2011

Recorded at FM4 Fest in Vienna Austria

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    NYC United States

    From old school house to true school disco - Andy Butler and Hercules & Love Affair live on stage at FM4 Fest in Vienna.

    Hercules is the Roman name of the strongest man in Greek mysticism. The son of Zeus and mortal Alcmena, was a champion and a superb warrior, supposedly making the “world safe for mankind” and due to his outward appearance quite a flirt for men and women. Andy Butler’s project _(artist-name)Hercules and Love Affair_ plays with that image and the salacious rumors of Athens and Rome. Choosing old school house and true school disco as his soundtrack, Butler, alongside a rotating cast of vocalists and musicians, has produced a rich and varied oeuvre. First off was one of the freshest debuts around, recorded with vocalists Nomi Ruiz, _(artist-name)Kim Ann Foxman_ and _(artist-name)Antony And The Johnsons_’ front man Antony Hegarty, which got happily accepted by NYC’s hipster smithy DFA and everyone else on this planet afterwards (see _(song-title)Blind_ = mega hit). While that record reflected the spirit of NYC, Butler went on to move back to Denver, from where he connected with other lovers and collectors of synths - from Mark Pistel of _(artist-name)Consolidated_ fame to Vienna’s own _(artist-name)Patrick Pulsinger_ - to get even deeper into his love of classic house music.