Live at Trouw

Recorded at Trouw in Amsterdam Netherlands

  • disco
  • house
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    Los Angeles United States

    Keep the disco fires burning: Rush Hour and Future Times’ Hunee pulls a savvy selection of boogie, house and techno jams. Live at ADE 2013.

    Spending the last decade or so in Berlin has definitely inspired this music activist. _(artist-name)Hunee_ began his musical adventure heavily into hip hop and rap, and as he dug further into the breaks and samples of his favourite producers, he fell deeper into the disco rabbit hole. After DJing and working at various record stores around Berlin, and meeting many of the city's other music nerds, Hunee began to produce his own tracks. Releasing across a variety of labels such as _(artist-name)Prins Thomas_’ Internasjonal, Rush Hour, Ostgut Ton, W.T., and Permanent Vacation, Hunee's craftily-sampled tracks, such as _(song-title)Rare Silk_ and _(song-title)Brother_ are packed full of disco sensibility and dancefloor dynamism, falling timelessly between respectful homage and modern day revamp. Having moved to the West Coast, his natural enthusiasm can only shine brighter, while another chapter of Hunee's story prepares to be written.