Live at Sónar 2012

Recorded at Sónar in Barcelona Spain

  • experimental
  • house
  • electro
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    NYC United States

    Hardcore punk-trained leftfield house wizard Ital captured live on stage at 100% Silk’s Sónar showcase in Barcelona.

    _(artist-name)Ital_ has mastered the fine art of speaking in aphorisms - take this one: “The world presses on you in really intense ways”. Exactly! To cope with what the world is throwing upon him, Daniel McCormick has found a number of ways to musically express himself. Growing up in Washington D.C., Daniel was involved in the city’s hardcore scene, most prominently as a member of Dischord records signed _(artist-name)Black Eyes_. Besides, Ital started spending his spare time fooling around with dance music inspired tracks that clearly came from different angles than your average laptop performer, and which scored him a deal with _(artist-name)Amanda Brown_’s Not Not Fun sister label 100% Silk. At the same time, his diverse musical preferences gave birth to side projects such as _(artist-name)Sex Worker_ and Thrill Jockey duo _(artist-name)Mi Ami_, which, for him, all represent the same approach to music in different guises. His first full-length effort on London’s infamous Planet Mu, _(album-title)Hive Mind_, might only be five tracks deep (each scratching the 10 minute mark), but it’s overflowing with a creativity and playfulness rarely seen in today’s house music.