Live at Synch 2010

Recorded at Synch in Athens Greece

  • afro beat
  • funk
  • jazz
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    Musical maverick Jimi Tenor and Afro Beat legend Tony Allen team up for a live session. A match made in heaven!

    Fela once said that without _(artist-name)Tony Allen_, he’d need four drummers at once. Of course, the style we know as afrobeat wouldn’t sound anything like it without Tony Allen. A true intuitive pioneer, Mr Allen managed to mix the brevity and snap of jazz drumming by the likes of _(artist-name)Art Blakey_, _(artist-name)Max Roach_, and _(artist-name)Guy Warren_, with the deep extended forms of African rhythms from highlife and yoruba. The musical conversation between Clyde Stubblefield, Jabo Starks and Tony Allen is still being felt today, having influenced practically every new genre of dance music from the 70s onwards. Still flipping poly-rhythms today, Tony works with artists like _(artist-name)TY_ and _(artist-name)Damon Albarn_, as well as inspiring remixes of his music from producers like _(artist-name)Carl Craig_, _(artist-name)Waajeed_ and _(artist-name)Moritz von Oswald_. In this spirit of collaboration he has joined forces with Finland’s own musical maverick _(artist-name)Jimi Tenor_ who has been combining the finest elements of Afro-American music, spontaneous silliness and shameless glamour to increasing returns over the last decades. His first recording band Jimi Tenor & His Shamans was influenced by early 80s industrial, where instruments were made out of scrap metal and plastic. Later during the 90s Tenor moved first towards electronic music, but soon got closer to his roots: 60s and 70s jazz, psychedelic soul and African funk. Although Tenor spent all of the 90s in Berlin, New York, London and Barcelona, his artistic approach was typically Finnish: technically practical, but saturated with black humour and a romantic tone. Today Jimi Tenor caters to hose who understand that unconventional pop music can move your body and heart, a spirit that matches perfectly with Tony Allen’s approach.