Live at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge

Recorded at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge in Paris France

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    Paris France

    One of France’s foremost electronic musicians with a special birthday set. Joakim live at Versatile’s 15th anniversary night in Paris.

    One of France’s foremost electronic musicians, _(artist-name)Joakim_ has a background in classical music (having studied the piano from the age of 6), indie rock and jazz. He discovered electronic music after a friend left his synthesizer in Joakim’s room, later latching onto indie and electronic labels such as Warp and Mo’ Wax for inspiration. After graduating from the National Conservatory of Versailles Joakim made his recorded debut as _(artist-name)Joakim Lone Octet_ in 1999, with a jazzy and largely instrumental album. He then moved deeper into electronics with _(album-title)Fantômes_ and _(album-title)Monsters And Silly Songs_, on which he combines post-rock, disco and an uncanny pop sensibility. He also runs the Tigersushi label, releases a broad spectrum of music for artists including _(artist-name)Maurice Fulton_, _(artist-name)Poni Hoax_ and _(artist-name)Metro Area_. He’s a sought after remixer too, and as if he didn’t have enough on his plate he is also part of the live band _(artist-name)The Disco_.