Live at Culture Box

Recorded at Culture Box in Copenhagen Sweden

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    Berlin Germany

    Swedish duo Jonsson/Alter take their spaced-out deep house and hi-tech disco leanings to Copenhagen’s Culture Box. Join the dance!

    Dynamic duo _(artist-name)Jonsson/Alter_ originally hail from the West Coast of Sweden but recently relocated to Neukölln, Berlin, because that’s where you carry your beats and bleeps when you’re young and on the rise. After several 12" releases on _(artist-name)Ulf Eriksson_’s acclaimed Kontra-Musik imprint, and live shows in clubs across the globe, Jonsson/Alter released _(album-title)Mod_, an album full of spacey, deep and – occasionally – jacking house leanings that took critics by storm, while their following 12"s display a shift towards more upfront, disco-influenced programmings and sci-fi inspired mood music. Their follow-up _(album-title)2_ displayed an even more assured grasp of house and its deeper dynamics, all the while maintaining the groove to move you. Join the dance!