Forgotten House Jams

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    NYC United States

    NYC house heroine and former Hercules and Love Affair vocalist Kim Ann Foxman explores her favourite forgotten anthems.

    Perhaps the result of her dad being a hippie and her mum pushing her to be a beauty queen, growing up in Hawaii _(artist-name)Kim Ann Foxman_ was obsessed with r&b and house music. She claims that, as a youth, she wanted to be Ya Kid K but instead ended up in the San Francisco rave scene, partying to the sounds of English ex-pats The Wicked Crew (some of whom later became _(artist-name)Rub-N-Tug_) before moving to New York where she met _(artist-name)Andy Butler_ of _(artist-name)Hercules and Love Affair_. Inspired by the creative impact of the NYC house and disco powerhouse, Kim Ann sharpened her DJ skills and started to sing, appearing on two of the Hercules and Love Affair albums. Besides collaborating with Andy Butler for her debut solo release _(album-title)Creature/What You Need_ on Butler’s own Mr. INTL label Kim Ann keeps touring the world as a DJ, making kids dance to quality house music on every continent.