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    King Creosote aka Kenny Anderson with a selection of classic pop music from the Tubeway Army to The Jam. All hail the king of Scotland!

    Before _(artist-name)King Creosote_ was born, Kenny Anderson was the lead singer for a couple of different bands including Skuobine Dubh Orchestra and Khartoum Heroes. In the 1990s, Kenny decided to retreat from the music industry to a cottage in a Scottish fishing village from which he later emerged as King Creosote, releasing a host of albums on Fence, and later signing to Domino Recordings. From early-80s influenced band sounds, to down-homey folk, to his fêted collaboration with fellow scotsman _(artist-name)Jon Hopkins_ he has remained a mercurial presence in the British music scene. And while big releases like his _(album-title)From Scotland With Love_ soundtrack offer the easiest way into his discography, it is still often in the nooks and crannies of his limited edition releases and live performances that his unique genius shines the clearest.