The Beach Boys Special

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    Even with the most obvious choices Kirk Degiorgio never ceases to surprise. In this episode of Sound Obsession, he gives it up for The Beach Boys, easily one of the best known yet still slightly misperceived bands of all time. Melding barbershop harmonies with beat music, surf antics and a lot of teenage yearning into something that went way deeper and more substantial than the larger-than-life melodies of their greatest hits would suggest. Kirk knows more.


    London United Kingdom

    Mr Degiorgio takes your favourite musical heroes and puts their discography to the acid test. This show is dedicated to The Beach Boys.

    In a career spanning over two decades, _(artist-name)Kirk Degiorgio_ has earned the tag of ‘the producers producer’. From his humble beginnings in 1983 as an electro DJ to his As One productions for Clear, Mo’ Wax and Ubiquity, Degiorgio has remained true to his love of everything soulful, edgy and funky. Inspired by a vinyl buying visit to Chicago and Detroit in 1990 Kirk sold all his records and put together ART Studios in the model of those he saw at Transmat and Metroplex. Kirk fused his vision of the Detroit sound with funk and jazz influences resulting in a succession of projects under the names _(artist-name)Future/Past_, _(artist-name)As One_, _(artist-name)Offworld_, _(artist-name)Esoterik_, _(artist-name)Elegy_ and _(artist-name)Super-A-Loof_, as well as his actual name for his purist techno releases on the New Religion label. He has remixed artists as varied as _(artist-name)Azymuth_, _(artist-name)Coldcut_, _(artist-name)4 Hero_, _(artist-name)Innerzone Orchestra_, _(artist-name)Papo Vasquez_ and many more. His collaborations include work with visionaries like _(artist-name)Ian O'Brien_, _(artist-name)Tony Allen_, _(artist-name)Carl Craig_, and _(artist-name)Paul Randolph_. From 1992 until 1997 Kirk’s ART/OpArt labels released important early productions from _(artist-name)B12_, _(artist-name)Carl Craig_, _(artist-name)Aphex Twin_, _(artist-name)The Black Dog_, _(artist-name)Photek_ and others. Kirk has also worked as producer, writer, and backing singer for the band _(artist-name)The Beauty Room_.