DJ Gilb’r & Versatile Special

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    Versatile is the story of a man, Gilbert Cohen aka DJ Gilb’r, but it’s also the story of a family he has built founded on a shared love of music. And the man himself knows a thing or two about it, too. Jazz was his teenage love, then he started as a hip hop and funk DJ, moved from Nice to Paris and became a programmer at Radio Nova with Loïc Dury for several years. He created the label to release music from I:Cube, had two club hits at the beginning of the adventure, and started one of the most eclectic catalogues of modern music from drum‘n’bass, house, and techno to hip hop, jazz, and many other styles, always with a vision. Gilb’r has a groove, and even though he’s now more focused on rock or folk productions he will always stay funky and has a story to tell. Check la sauce à La Moutarde.


    Paris France

    Our ears on the fertile ground of French music, this is the first part of La Moutarde’s special on DJ Gilb’r and Versatile Records.

    La Moutarde is a thorough look at a wide range of black music in France, courtesy of very special guests in each edition. Whether it’s musical legends or exciting up-and-comers: at La Moutarde hip hop gets friendly with Lebanese grooves, while Moroccan influences combine with raw funk or disco. Afro beats and all kinds of soulful grooves round off an exciting selection of music while your host, Parisian Producer and DJ Jérôme Caron, aka _(artist-name)Blackjoy_, steers La Moutarde into uncharted waters.