Nekfeu: Sang Neuf

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    After our special on S-Crew one year ago we meet once more with Nekfeu. 2012 has been a crazy year for the 22-year-old MC: 1995 signed a major distribution deal and will release their first album on Dec 31st. S-Crew didn’t release their album, as Nekfeu told us last year, but they released a mixtape as well as several videos – this scene is killing the video game. Nekfeu is a talented artist and a passionate character, and his enthusiasm is transporting the good energy. Connecting again is a perfect moment to look back on the past year, and talk about Nekfeu’s aspirations for the future. Check la sauce à La Moutarde!


    Paris France

    Our ears on the fertile ground of French music. A session with Nekfeu of French hip hop crews 1995 and S-Crew. Check la sauce à La Moutarde!

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