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    France’s true techno hero and always unpredictable über-DJ Laurent Garnier reveals the breathtaking story of his career. Flashback!

    Ask a teenage music fan in Manchester, Cologne or Chicago, to name the most famous artist on the current French music scene and you’ll get the unanimous response: _(artist-name)Laurent Garnier_! House - the vibrant mix of black dance music and pop which was invented in Chicago in the early 80s - was taking Manchester by storm and Frenchman Laurent Garnier found himself in the very eye of that storm at exactly the right time. A former silver service waiter at the embassy in London, he started hanging round the Hacienda during the late 80s and managed to land his big break DJing there. The following decade made him one of the best all-around DJs in the world, able to span classic deep house and Detroit techno, the harder side of acid/trance. In the early nineties he added production work to his schedule as well, recording a number of studio albums, and has been juggling this with his globetrotting DJ commitments ever since. Oh, the life of a world-renowned composer, producer and wizard remixer!