Live at Glasslands

Recorded at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NYC United States

  • hip hop
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    NYC United States

    The king of Dark York comes on strong with more “Wut”s than N.O.R.E. and more bass than you can handle. Live at Brooklyn’s Glasslands.

    In a world full of rappers claiming to be one of a kind, _(artist-name)Le1f_ (born Khalif Diouf) is a real-deal original, a fascinatingly complicated personality full of contradictions. He’s a Manhattan native who studied ballet and modern dance, and eventually earned a degree in dance from Wesleyan before returning to the city to become a rapper. He’s an out and proud gay MC whose style is rooted in Tunnel bangers from a less socially enlightened era of hip hop. He’s a producer who’s responsible for the beat behind _(artist-name)Das Racis_t’s _(song-title)Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell_, a fashion icon promoting a “hoodrat Tumblr aesthetic”, and Internet personality on a transcendental quest to become a living digital avatar. “The fabric of my life is a sexy fucking textile”, he brags on _(song-title)Yup_, from his debut mixtape _(album-title)Dark York_, and obviously that’s no joke.