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    London United Kingdom

    Striking a chord with analogue lovers, trip hop heads, and soul girls alike, Leila talks us through her unique vision and career.

    _(artist-name)Leila_ is a music producer and DJ, who moved to London from Iran in 1979. As well as being an acclaimed recording artist in her own right, she has also lent her unique ears to Iceland’s esoteric queen of pop, _(artist-name)Björk_, for her albums _(album-title)Debut_ and _(album-title)Post_, and also was part of her live show. Leila’s debut LP _(album-title)Like Weather_ was released back in 1998, on electronic label Rephlex, and earned Leila plaudits from all directions, striking a chord with analogue lovers, trip hop heads, and soul girls alike. Her selection of vocalists, Donna Paul, Luca Santucci, and her own sister Roya, fitted so nice she used them twice on her second LP _(album-title)Courtesy Of Choice_. This time released on XL Recordings, her second LP cemented her reputation as a pioneer of her own synthesized soul music, coaxing the ghosts from the machines. Well known for keeping her feet on the ground while maintaining her artistic integrity, she worked with singers _(artist-name)Terry Hall_ and _(artist-name)Martina Topley-Bird_ for her third LP, _(album-title)Blood, Looms And Blooms_. Provoking a nod to comparisons to _(artist-name)Tricky_ from her earlier work, she recorded _(artist-name)The Specials_’ main man Terry Hall in her own bedroom, and in many ways brought her music full circle. The artwork for the album also went through a gestation period, with Michael England creating the distinctive bespoke machines to convey Leila’s vision. For her most recent record, she collaborated with mutual admirer _(artist-name)Mt. Sims_, and their rapid-fire ripostes resulted in the album _(album-title)U&I_ for Warp Records.