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    Isle of Wight United Kingdom

    Mark King tells the story about slap-bass, jazz-funk, chart success and forming a band. For all the starchildren out there!

    _(artist-name)Level 42_ started life on the Isle Of Wight, and fast became an internationally acclaimed band whose pop career grew out of a stellar set of Brit-jazz-funk releases characterized by Mark ‘Thunderthumbs’ King’s slap-bass technique. Later becoming the lead vocalist, they are best known for catchy hits such as _(song-title)Lessons In Love_, _(song-title)Something About You_ and _(song-title)The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)_. However tracks like _(song-title)Starchild_ can still be heard on fashionable dance floors thanks to a couple of re-edits, and their apparent influence on the current cosmic or nu-balaeric sound.