Live at Movement 2011

Recorded at Movement in Detroit

  • electronic
  • indie
  • soul
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    Gothenburg Sweden

    Little Dragon from Sweden melt icy synth textures with warm-hearted pop. Live on stage at Movement 2011 in Detroit.

    Featuring radiant vocalist Yukimi Nagano and her close highschool friends Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrik Wallin (bass) and Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards), _(artist-name)Little Dragon_’s debut single on Peacefrog was a Rough Trade ‘Single of the Week’ and widely hailed as a masterpiece of electronic soul. Yukimi has sung with Sweden’s electronica jazz outfit _(artist-name)Koop_, and both Yukimi and Erik play live with _(artist-name)José Gonzalez_. Erik also drums with _(artist-name)Peps Perrson_, a legendary Swedish blues/reggae artist. “We had an admiration for each other musically, and way before we defined ourselves as a band we were making music and hanging out”, Yukimi explains. “It’s like a family, and the band is our big passion. Little Dragon reminds you that when you’re really creating music, it’s like building a ship that will travel in a direction previously inconceivable”. After sharing the studio with the likes of _(artist-name)Big Boi_, _(artist-name)Gorillaz_, and _(artist-name)SBTRKT_, their latest full-length brainchild _(album-title)Nabuma Rubberband_ once again showcases their unique sound that takes as many cues from r‘n’b-leaning pop as it does from the icy ambiance of new wave.