Live at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge

Recorded at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge in Paris France

  • disco
  • house
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    Dutch leftfield disco don Loud-E live in the mix at Versatile’s 15th anniversary event in Paris. We like it Loud!

    _(artist-name)Loud-E_ has a fascination with all things disco. Going way back to his first musical experiences, the Dutchman is on a never-ending mission to discover and cherish over-looked, unknown and oddball grooves that never made it onto the standard list of disco tunes. Feeding from Italo as well as alien grooves, his eclectic and impressive sets worked as well on I-F’s CBS station as in various clubs around the world. Loud-E’s status as an insiders’ tip is gone since his edits for Ambassador’s Reception, Objects Of Desire or his own imprint Discoine have seen the light of day.