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    Los Angeles United States

    From brain-wrangling visual projections to inspired audience interaction: Lucky Dragons are putting the art back into music and vice versa.

    Ten years into their career it’s still hard to think of _(artist-name)Lucky Dragons_ as a band in any classic sense. It’s even hard to say they’re a recording project, even though they have released a host of recordings. Luke Fishbeck and Sarah Rara have always rather been about the interactive process of creating art than about any kind of finished product. This isn’t to say that their music can’t be enjoyed at home, since it’s unlikely that anyone into _(artist-name)Animal Collective_ or _(artist-name)Dan Deacon_ won’t, but their concerts are what makes them truly special, relying on the audience to participate in the creation of sound. There is an infectious playfulness about what they do, and even though some of their work has seen them lecture at universities or get their pieces into galleries and museums, there is nothing elitist about them. Instead they believe art is an essential part of life, as evidenced by the decidedly customer friendly pricing of the prints, books and records available at their website.