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    Glasgow United Kingdom

    LuckyMe’s Dom Sum talks us through the story of the label, from early rap groups in Glasgow to international party-starters. It’s no fluke!

    Dom Sum talks us through the beginnings of LuckyMe in Glasgow, as well as his mic technique as part of the group _(artist-name)Surface Empire_ with _(artist-name)Hudson Mohawke_ and their _(album-title)LuckyMe EP_ over half a decade ago. Produced by _(artist-name)Mike Slott_, those long summer nights saw the birth of the label and also the _(artist-name)Heralds Of Change_ group. Despite each of them moving to new cities, Glasgow is still the main LuckyMe hub and their spiritual home, with fellow crews like Numbers, Wireblock, Rubadub, and _(artist-name)Optimo_. Dom Sum introduces tracks from original fam Hudson Mohawke, _(artist-name)Lunice_ and _(artist-name)Rustie_, talks about the smash hit _(song-title)Ooops_ (Oh My) and explains some of LuckyMe’s open-minded policiies - LuckyMe is an artist collective that’s all about working together with other labels. Members _(artist-name)Machinedrum_, _(artist-name)American Men_ and _(artist-name)Joe Respite_ also joined in for the little chat.